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The list of plastic uses stretches a far as you can imagine. Due to the versatility of plastic, and each material having its own complementing features, plastic is being used to replace a range of well known and widely used materials such as wood, glass, steel and other metals.

Plastic has many advantages over glass. Glass replacement plastics such as acrylic sheet, polycarbonate sheets, PETG sheet, and multiwall polycarbonate sheet, used in conservatory roof applications and secondary glazing, all have the advantage of being lighter than glass, meaning it costs less to buy, transport and install, as well as offering increased safety guaranteed.

The use of plastic versus steel and other metals offers several key benefits including being environmentally friendly, better appearance with no chance of rust and less chance of scratches, more versatile in harsh environments, and a less expensive final product.

Plastics have many uses in homes and gardens as well as being used in shops and businesses. Each type of plastic has certain uses it is best suited for. Choosing the correct plastic materials for the correct plastic use is key. Below are some examples of the different plastic uses:

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